Tea Concentrates

Mother Parkers​Higgins & Burke Tea Concentrates are versatile, innovative, and make it easy to offer upscale and authentic hot and cold tea beverages. Made from real tea leaves, they deliver bold flavor and provide a natural source of antioxidants.


​Our Tea Concentrates are so versatile that you can create unique beverages from iced tea lattes to hot tea lattes, refreshing iced teas, sparkling iced teas, smoothies, milkshakes, cocktails and specialty tea fruit juices.  

Green Tea Concentrate with Matcha

Custom CoffeeA premium green tea concentrate made from real green tea. A patented process is used to create a green tea extract which is expertly blended with honey, natural cane sugar and Matcha.  Recognized as one of the finest green teas in the world, Matcha is finely ground Tencha tea leaves. More recently, Matcha has also become well known as an excellent natural source of antioxidants.
Higgins & Burke Green Tea with Matcha Concentrate can be used to create a variety of hot and cold beverages: green tea lemonade, hot green tea lattes, green tea milkshakes, green tea iced lattes, sparkling green tea, etc., or add to healthy smoothies for a natural antioxidant boost. 

Chai Tea Concentrate

Custom CoffeeA traditional chai blend made with high quality black tea extraction from robust hand-picked tea leaves and exotic spices including natural allspice, cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, ginger and pepper.  Masterfully combined with honey and natural cane sugar to deliver an authentic chai experience complete with the natural antioxidants from the tea. 
Higgins & Burke Chai Tea Concentrate can be used to create all kinds of hot and cold beverages: chai hot chocolate, chai milkshakes, banana-chai smoothies, hot chai lattes, and chocolate chai iced lattes.


​Higgins & Burke Tea Concentrates

Each case of six 750ml bottles comes with 2 pumps that dispense 10ml per pump so there is no need for separate measuring or mixing.  Add the concentrate to your desired beverage base by simply using the pre-measured pump.  As the concentrate is shelf stable both opened and unopened, there is no need for refrigeration.

Indulge with a Choco-Chai Iced Latte

Custom CoffeeCreate a delicious icy twist on a traditional Chai tea latte.
Fill one-third of a 16-oz glass with ice. Add 10 oz of milk, 2 pumps of Higgins & Burke Chai Tea concentrate, 1 pump of chocolate syrup and serve with a straw to stir.