Higgins & Burke

Quality products start with quality ingredients. We choose the finest high-grown teas that grow slowly to produce the very best quality. The tea leaves are tasted and graded for every characteristic from color to flavor intensity before we “marry” them together in complimentary blends, ensuring that the original flavors steep through to the final cup.


Specialty Tea

Custom CoffeeHiggins & Burke™ Specialty Teas are blended from hand-picked, high-grown tea leaves to deliver premium quality, rich antioxidant content and bold  flavours.

Organic Tea

Custom TeaHiggins & Burke™ Specialty Organics are blended from the finest ingredients grown using strict organic agricultural methods and deliver premium quality, rich antioxidant content and flavour variety.

Whole Leaf Tea

Custom CoffeeHiggins & Burke™ pyramid shaped silken sachets are filled with whole leaf tea, real fruit pieces and herbs to deliver a superior tea experience.