Private Label Instant


​Making a great instant coffee begins with the finest coffee beans which are carefully blended, roasted and brewed to achieve a rich, full-bodied flavor.  Once brewed to perfection, the liquid coffee is dried to achieve a convenient instant format that delivers a delicious cup of coffee. 


We roast, grind, brew and spray-dry our custom blend to produce a fine coffee powder.  We then agglomerate the fine coffee powder into granules and package it in a variety of formats.


Much like agglomerated coffee, we use a select blend of beans to achieve the classic crystals taste.  Once the fine coffee powder is agglomerated into granules, we add crystals to create a unique look and flavor.


Our brewed coffee concentrate is freeze-dried to achieve optimal product quality.  Coffee concentrate is flash frozen then dried in a vacuum chamber to create a premium flavor.


​Our instant coffee comes in a variety of formats including PET jars, pouches and sticks.

Jars - PET

  • 100g
  • 200g
  • 4 oz
  • 8 oz
  • 12 oz

Pouches (Foil)

  • 8 oz


  • TBD


  • 4.5 g coffee bags

Packaging & Design

Supporting your success is our team of dedicated experts in Sales, Marketing and Category Management.  We are committed to building a profitable private label instant coffee program that enhances your customers’ shopping experience and your bottom line.

Our experience and expertise helps us:

  • Understand your brand and banner strategy and your target shopper.
  • Provide fact-based market data and trends to capitalize on consumer interest in the health benefits of tea.
  • Recommend an instant coffee portfolio (assortment, blends, and formats) that appeals to your shopper while also generating category margin.
  • Provide insight on packaging copy to communicate selling features such as product attributes.
  • Develop quality packaging material according to your guidelines and deadlines.
  • Recommend promotional activity to generate incremental sales and profit.
  • Support customer satisfaction with consistent supply and product quality.
  • Evaluate launch and post-launch performance with ongoing recommendations that keep pace with changing consumer needs.


We believe that by being environmentally, socially and economically responsible, we can meet the needs of today while protecting our future.  From certifications at origin to good manufacturing practices, sustainability is part of everything we do.

For Mother Parkers, conducting business in a responsible manner includes:

  • Designing and manufacturing all our products to be safe and maximize the use of renewable and recycled materials.
  • Establishing long-term relationships with green coffee suppliers who share our commitment for product quality and reinvest in their own infrastructure, technology and communities.
  • Conserving energy and materials by reducing, recycling and eliminating waste and ecologically incompatible by-products.
  • Providing a safe working environment that encourages total employee wellness.
  • Respecting and enhancing communities and the environment in a variety of economic, social, cultural and physical ways.
  • Contributing to our customers’ success and responsible conduct.