Sustainability - Mother Parkers Tea & Coffee Inc.

A commitment to doing what’s right for the planet, people and communities in which we operate.

From farm to cup, we’re engaged locally and at the industry level in ensuring a sustainable future for our customers and consumers.


Environmental Stewardship


  1. Minimize Environmental Impact
  2. Develop Sustainable Products
Ethical Sourcing


  1. Support Farmer Education & Livelihood
  2. Advance Human Rights at Origin
  3. Minimize Environmental Impact at Origin
Community Support


  1. Keep Our Employees Healthy & Safe
  2. Cultivate a Diverse & Equal Opportunity Workplace
  3. Give Back to Our Local Community

“We are committed to doing our part to help improve the planet and the communities in which we operate.” – Fred Schaeffer, President & Chief Executive Officer

Certification & Verification Partnerships

Fairtrade International Fair Trade USA OCIA Certified Organic 4C SAI Platform Ethical Tea Partnership Water Wise Coffee

We’re meeting the needs of today while protecting the needs of tomorrow by:

  • Developing and sourcing safe products and packaging that maximizes the use of renewable and/or recycled material.
  • Building long-term relationships with producers who consistently produce the best-quality product, enabling them to reinvest in infrastructure and communities.
  • Conserving energy and materials by reducing, recycling or eliminating waste.
  • Ensuring safe working environments that encourage total employee wellness.
  • Respecting communities and their environment to ensure they’re enhanced economically, socially, culturally and physically.